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  A Catalytic Intervention or an External Intervention:


This intervention / catalyst cause:


  1. Awareness of what is and what can be with action steps to keep moving from what is towards what can be..
  2. A guide onto the WWW and engaging with Experts in Working Structures.
  3. Creates and environment and compelling events for Value exchanged Transactions to happen.


Again, being the catalyst, requires skills, competencies and World knowledge. The catalytic actions cause a PARADIGM shift. A whole new world becomes visible to you. You now created transactions and next action steps toward changing and choosing your LIFE INCOME. The world becomes a VERY FRIENDLY PLACE.


Discover and become aware of Skills and develop competencies:


As an individual, one grows in AWARENESS of your Talents, Gifts and assets in your Family and in your Community. You grow your skills by applying the processes. The skills are  required to reveal and make the best of all of these opportunities.


The experiences cause skills to develop and grow as one discovers what is required:


  • Communication (Information flows, Questioning skills, Listening skills)
  • Your “life” scenario planned and communicated to chosen people.
  • Organization competencies and skills
  • Etc…


Become aware of what one needs to grow, and what exists to assist in this growth:  


The above model states that one can view this continuous life journey as holons, the holons being the layers of human endeavor in colored squares in the picture above.

Colors of Thinking in Spiral Dynamics We are always in all states. Productive people learn to manage where they operate when for results they choose. It is simply an awareness with competencies acquired from experiences with feednack lopps. You learned what you know now in this way. Simply be aware and choose what you learn.

 Unre will describe the colors here in the Aleph way.

Unre will add the “work” holons to implement in any productive life!


The individual (the red face) grows though the different stages of becoming aware and moving from Unconsciously Unaware to Subconsciously Aware in each holon ! The smaller tan colored squares are skills you acquire and need to grow within the different phases of life. An external intervention is often required to create awareness about these existing processes and skills to make these assets ones own. Owner families and working corporates transfer this knowledge naturally and often have a clear understanding regarding this knowledge transferal.


The green faces are the Working Structures one has access to. Sometimes the knowledge to engage and access these resources is unknown. External intervention creates this awareness and one can now engage.

With a Process Guide apply the yellow LENS processes to make these resources available to you as an individual. Create this focus, with guidance, by personally practicing and accepting responsibility to engage with these resources. These are the identified experts, within the Working Structures, that is to become part of the engagement in growing your talents and passions.


Transactions toward your next best action:


Transactions with identified experts within the Working Structures you have access to happen. You have created your next action step.


Life Income grown: 


You are now Transacting and changing your possible Life Income.


A paradigm shift has happened


How one can make this your own:


·        The case study / experience

·        The results populated in a packaged process

·        Work Book to assist in the packaged process

·        A guidebook for you to take many more through this process and replicate