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Risks of a career owner

The risks of a career builder

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This process is the intelectual property of NextS Business Development Pty(Ltd)

Know what your potential is, do you really want to grow? If so communicate your reasons and purpose of the change to others. Those in your immediate environment will challenge and help you grow when you really set your mind on taking that next step! [1]
What is the drivers for change? Is it desire, distress, frustration or any other compelling event? Identify the real requirements, out of the true requirements identify the leading next best actions! [2]
Remember the Carl Lewis story, at the Olympics he said that one must be 100% in each area, physically and mentally, on the day of the race. Aleph process guides and coaches facilitate this process.
The safety net concept. Individuals in owner families is born with the safety net of resources and relationships already in place and at their disposal.  [3]
The Risks of Business. Business families normally have all the areas of Risks in Business covered in direct and networked access to resources and knowledge.
You become an expert by repeat! Processes repeated continuously with experienced people will make you an expert. [4]
Learn from the four-wheel of-road trip. [5]
One should strive to understand, control and bridge the gaps, risks and impact any decision might have on one's Life Income Plan and Life Map. 
A "white paper" view means you are able to share your concepts and plans with many and in the process enable them to participate with you. Remember that by giving much away, one can easily become engaged and have access to more resources and opportunities.
Process implementors drives the segmented focus so that 10% effort can give 60% of the results. [6] Please enter the score from 0 to 1 for your career/project where:0= unknown and    1= confident [7] Engage and access resources to bridge the gaps that might exist, going from  Unaware to Aware. [8] A typical well created and well structured career, project or business chance for success [9] A typical startup bootstrapped career, project or business chance for success. [10] Perfect family career, project or business spin out or off. [11] Typical spin out or off career, project or business. [12]
Main areas of risk. Please add and change. Choose a 1 where not applicable or a 0 in areas where a complete gap exist. [13]
Communicate where you are, where you are going and a process to get there with growth loops. [14] 0.5 [15] Apply the processes and cases and get moving. [16] 1.0 [17] 0.1 [18] 1.0 [19] 1.0 [20]
Organize and be an organizer with clear processes you repeat with many as in the ebio processes. [21] 0.5 [22] Access existing applied Business know how [23] 0.9 [24] 0.2 [25] 1.0 [26] 0.9 [27]
Communicate and grow communication competencies. [28] 0.5 [29] Access successful communicators and processes [30] 0.8 [31] 0.3 [32] 1.0 [33] 0.8 [34]
Transact, act and gain access with engagement to knowledge, experience, resources and opportunities. [35] 0.5 [36] HAVE clear agreements and be part of the outcomes [37] 1.0 [38] 0.3 [39] 1.0 [40] 1.0 [41]
Attract and work with identified expertise, resources to reveal opportunities.  [42] 0.5 [43] Gain access to expertise and applying processes. [44] 1.0 [45] 0.5 [46] 1.0 [47] 1.0 [48]
A view of probability for success of your project/career [49] 3.1% [50]   72.0% 0.1% 100.0% 72.0%
One will have to make up for the percentage lacking between the real number and 100% possibility for success with hard work and effort as well as building the right network. Effort creates stress, which in turn heightens the probability to become physically ill. 96.9%   28.0% 99.9% 0.0% 28.0%
100%   100% 100% 100% 100%


Choose the work you do to best apply and continuously reveal your best ways of working. Grow your relationships with increased access to resources. This will always reveal and grow one's personal potential as part of your Life Income Plan.
Your sources of energy originates from within you. The application tested and packaged Aleph processes cause focus, clarity and awareness of ones environment. The processes rely on the drive within the individual.
Those that gets born into owner families, get born into a safety net of resources and relationships.
Most of us must learn from these individuals and their families and nurture and develop this safety net! A place to start is by sharing with people who own resources and relationships. You contribute to them and then learn from them. Through sharing build the network to assist you when you require help.
Sharing your knowledge and experiences means others learn and you still own all of the experiences. You share one set and gain many sets of experiences to apply in uncovered opportunities and projects.
Prepare for a Four-wheel bush trip in Africa by getting maps, knowing the terrain and packing accordingly. We ask as many as we can about the latest information to use in planning of the trip. We tell someone where we are going. We only take what we require.

One does the same with career plans, project plans and business plans!
The process guides focus on processes to ensure you focus on the 10% of the effort to deliver the 60% of the results. The certainty increases and you can gain quick assistance or even continuous help with encouragement from the guide.
It is a reality that a range of categories interact in complex ways. We get an idea of the rapid change in our chances of success and the impact on our Life Income Plan. Apply the Scenario and strategy process from the Mind of a Fox by Clem Sumter.
We segment and cause focus. Our objective is for you to apply the 10% of the effort and generate 60% of the results and get moving. (Turning a moving vehicle is easy, a stationary vehicle required a crane to turn it.)
The focused access to resources and expertise, organization and clear communications increase the chance to gain access and engage resources, opportunities and be successful.
Becoming Aware is half the battle won!
Test the result with respected people in your chosen area of enterprise. Apply and build relationships in your family and community and Working Structures. (The many and the wise or CoM & CoW). Transact with them in the Value Exchanged pies.
People put in huge effort and few succeed. It is and was simply the lack of knowledge, experience, support, resources, etc. The successful families give easy access to all their resources and more with a safety net. Most of us do it without a safety net and get killed in the first round of experimenting. Discovery, uncover and revealing what the gaps are works and is a continuous process!
The established nurturing family with resources, relationships and opportunities in a community where you belong, are known and  are supported. The value exchanged barter happens with lots of safety nets. Look at the many companies at the JSE and let us look at successes and failures. Many careers, projects, etc. and understand that you can bridge the gaps like Unre did. We now proved with case studies that you too can achieve this!
Where we start with the access to resources, knowledge, experience and simply do more of what already works we are continuously  successful. We also have the relationships to create the safety net and get more passes at making the career, project and business trick successful.
The headings are chosen from thinking and structuring focus points in the blocks to find the key tasks from clear goals, objectives and missions.
Being clear of all three areas and the growth loops, will be the one score. The impact causing desire and fear should help you focus and commit to figure it all out and communicate where, what and how. Leave who and why to take care of itself at the end.
You continuously apply the processes to reveal and uncover with a Process guide and Guide processes.
Please realize that intuitively you who you are and what you enjoy doing. Did you communicate and put your hand up to show what you can and will do for others? Do so!
Look at the Life Income maps and processes to reveal and uncover the what, where and how for you. Often repeat since the revealing, uncovering and communication is for the rest of your wonderful life!
The processes to reveal and uncover what is with the cases, will always get you moving and communicating. You practice, share with many and become competent.
The resources attracted, engaged for value exchanged bridged the gap and reduce the risk. You won already!
The risks and gaps in awareness, experience, resources and safety nets makes the jump very wide and hard to cross. Remember we cannot cross any chasm in two steps.
Gerrit Claasen says we never saw anyone fly by hanging on to bootstraps.  MMM (3M) introduced skunk works and bridged the gaps in projects and new inventions.
Access to much in experiences, relationships. Advice is asked and taken. You know who you are and others knows. Your immediate family, friends, community knows the gaps and help you bridge with selected attracted resources and experienced people. You prepare for the jump with safety nets in the family and community. You can have multiple passes and you know that the third try 95% get successful results.
We acquired the experiences, relationships, opportunity and some safety net from a Corporate career process. We are now closer to the Lucky sperm club connected ones.
The competencies in organization skills are acquired by doing tasks which get you to reach your goals and objectives the completing mission.
You do the tasks with chosen others with the resources and experiences and a clear Value exchanged.
Do you have the habit to organize your engagements, access, participation and deliverables.
You are growing your organization skills and competencies by implementing projects with experts tom learn from. Acquire new processes and experiences all the time from the many and the wise or CoM&CoW. Your chosen tasks engage you with expert people in the nurturing family, community you belong to and common interest overlaps. You contribute to them and create or invoke the "always welcome" processes.
Your organization of tasks an projects are now driven by experts with you learning from them. The balance can be created in the applied Value exchanged and HAVE processes.
The risks and gaps are enhanced by the lack of applied organizing skills and competencies.
The organizing skills and competencies are acquired very young by organizing friends, projects and being part of the family and community processes and conversations. The GYM of family and community which each of us go to!
We apply the acquired training in the Corporate and simply continue the learning processes from each experience like Boeing in training new personnel.
Communications means the Whole Communication (Observe, perceive, think and feel.) and the gathered facts are agreed or agreed to disagree at the moment. You are keen to hear the others' Whole Communication. You apply Questioning skills. You grow the JoHari windows. You apply Strategy and the Transformer.
Apply the processes to segment and clarify gaining understanding.
Look at your past successes and feedback from those closest to you in friends, family, community and in careers. Look at those who are so effortlessly successful. The value lies in that you make a call and we debate the call. You are growing your JoHari and implementing your Transformer.
Do your tasks by applying Whole communications, Questioning skills, reflective listening, etc. Learn from experts who do this effortlessly. Awareness is half the battle!
You are now aware and applying processes to continuously grow communication skills and competencies. You learn with and from many. You re-enacted the GYM of groups as if you are from the Lucky Sperm club.
You lose time, cash, relationships and miss opportunities where you do not communicate and hear. One cannot afford to learn totally new communication competencies you do not know about, once you are on the road. Look at the Four wheel drive example.
They apply communication skills and competencies learned in the GYM of everyday life at home, school, family and community interactions.
Communication processes and experiences are given in the Corporate projects, teams and training.
Apply your resources right now in clear tasks, goals, objectives and a mission. Movement and action will get you where you want to go. Apply the Value exchanged pies and HAVE segmentation process.
Make the call on the past activities where you pro-actively gained access, engaged and a attracted resources. An automatic habit to apply the process scores the  perfect 1 we are after.
The awareness and clarity creates tasks, value exchanged and access as transaction between you and others. Understand and apply the Value exchanged pies.
You now experience and apply Value exchanges and you are growing the habit. Your gaps in knowledge, expertise, resources and opportunities are known and bridged.
Unclear transactions keeps you busy without invoices. You get uncompetitive and cannot grow your career, project or business.
The way childhood stuff get resolved teaches the process of clarity, agreement and follow through. Awareness of the requirements and simple processes can achieve some of the results.
Agreements and repeatable processes are created over time and applied. Ine learns and simply keep on doing the same or similar.
Your value to others are clarified and thus they are prepared to commit to you. Money is required as grease and balancing differences. We also store access contribution in money.
Look at the habit, competencies and skills to be aware of expertise, opportunities and even act to generate opportunities and projects.
Making your requirements visible, keeping ownership and demonstrating credibility will always attract people, money, opportunity and engage all of it in productive and clear paybacks for all.