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Potential for growth

Build your potential for growth, apply the Johari window

The area where I am engaged, have access and am committed to action is called my ARENA and it reflects what I produce currently.

One of these areas is discovering our potentiality and the choices we did not know we had. This is ones’ BLIND SPOT because these things others see about you and you are about to discover and apply.

There is also the area others will never know about, unless I decide to show it. This area could be called my FAÇADE.

Then there is the UNDISCOVERED area of Potentiality and Choices available to me which is not known by either me or others. This area is great for future discoveries. One may just as well master and enjoy the process since it never stops as long as you live. Ever tried to not learn something in one day? The learning process never ends. 

The purpose of making this process one’s own is to grow, to continuously develop the potentialities and choices one has, increase my results and have fun living life to the fullest by design and choice.  

  • How does one discover, develop and continuously grow ones full potential?
  • Then be able to fully utilize this developed potential?  

You continuously and pro-actively share and ask. We discover and share by volunteering information and informing chosen individuals and project related people about your skills, competencies and talents with hopes and expectations to get access and be engaged. You gains form the insights and observations of others. In the process always clarifying and transforming feelings and opinions that may arise...  

  • Ask to learn; Share to grow.  

Growing your opportunities discovering potentiality and choices using the Next S version based upon the JOHARI WINDOW concept.  

  • How does one go about accessing one’s potential and unknown choices?                                                                                                      

One accelerates the processes by applying the processes of access and engagement.  

  • What is the Access and Engagement process?  

It is a process of selecting individuals locally or globally that will fit the requirements you have for growth today. They are individuals that will enable you to grow the fastest.  

Use the barter process to engage these individuals on a value exchange basis.  

  • What is the Barter process?  

These individuals want something in return for their investment in you. You do not which to attach monetary value to this bartering process, thus you exchange value with this individual. Be it giving them a sense of belonging or be it skills you have they might need. (read more…)  

In the process of engaging these local or global resources you must allow input from a dynamic group we call the CoM&CoW®.  

  • Who is my CoM&CoW®?  

CoM&CoW® is an acronym for Council of Many and Council of the Wise. What this means is you have a group of people you allow to give input on the decisions you make and actions you take. They are external and will be very valuable in this process of you engaging with the world. (read more…)  

Below is a version of the Personal Potential Choice for growth.


Thanks to the JOHARI window

To best way to implement the Potential and Choice growth process:  

Be aware of and grow your communication skills to accelerate your discoveries:  

Apply QUESTIONING SKILLS to illicit observations, opinions and whatever can grow your potential and choices. You want to know that all will exchange and value flow that happens will be managed to achieve the best results. See examples of applied Whole Communications, Questioning skills and learn to grow your Rapport from all communication that takes place. In the process of sharing STORRGIES ®, gaining access and being engaged, you you’re your competencies and share your skills, applying tools and models within a repeatable process.  

Recognize and grow from the signal statements for hidden Potential and Choices.  

Pro-active seek potential by applying Levels of thinking in Creative, Lateral, inductive and deductive thinking.

Be sensitive for limiting concepts like “always”, “others”, “they”, “them”, “never” and “if-then,” which could indicate patterns of thought screaming about hidden potentiality and choices. Apply the known discovery and reveal tools, models and processes in the rest of the Enterprise life book series.  

A clarifying tools includes clarify, rapport, being specific and what else often found in NLP books.

Your feelings are your truth, work with them they are telling you something. Apply the processes and work with them they are telling you something.

The wish to learn and understand enables you to cope with most situations in human interactions. Find value in most interactions and learn to play and Human transaction game to the benefit of both.  

A method to recognize one’s chain statements and complete the unfinished business for one’s growth, is SHIP® (Self Healing Intersystemic Processes)

Applying the SHIP® processes will cause completion of whatever unfinished business causes chain statements. The increases in communication prowess’s, increases potential for results, as part of the process of pro-actively engaging with one’s valued and safe groups (CoW & CoM®). The Potential and Choice discovery processes thrives on intra and inter personal communication. This process inevitably leads to changes, causing growth. (read more about SHIP®)  

Other effective ways of facilitating a similar completion of issues and cause open communications are:  

  • Doyletics
  • Narrative
  • Jo urnaling  

Potential and Choice discovery makes us aware of areas we could expand in our lives. Expanding your Potential and Choice involves developing communication skills. As a result of sharing and asking we gain access to our potentiality. The access to the WWW, experts and CoM&CoW in applicable groups will keep one moving at one’s chosen rate and direction.  

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Barter process

CoM & CoW ® (Council of Many & Council of the Wise)

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SHIP ® (Self Healing Intersystemic Process)