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Business due diligence

Measure the potential of your business to grow

We work with growth. Should a growth opportunity exist in your company we want to be part of the solution and grow with you.

The statements below can be used as a measurement of how much growth is possible in your company. Please download the excel spreadsheet if you would like to fill an interactive version and receive a percentage score of your companies potential for growth.

Enter 1 to 5 for each area. Please review at the end of each section for extra accuracy.  A 1 means you think there is much room for growth and benefit to be had in the specific area. A 5 means you are happy.


1.Sales and Marketing

Orders, Sales and Marketing is the best it can be.

Repeated and known processes are applied for prospecting, closing orders, allocating resources and delivering with collection.

You know what the capital is thats required for each rand in growth.

Your products align with changes in the market.

You seperated the bad clients from the good clients, only kept the good clients and grow your company with these clients.

Your sources of cash from improved sales margins and collections are known.


2.Owner, employees and clients aligned:

Owner strategy defined and communicated effectively:

Your strategy is well known and followed by employees.

Your clients know what you are about and where you are going.

You know where your employees are going.

You know where your clients are going.

You can be away for six months and all will run.


3. Human resources:

Get the right people on board to achieve the above:

You know who you keep, who and why you hire? You have the correct employees on board.

All employees deliver and are aligned with the known and communicated Strategy.

All salaries are aligned with industry and performance.

You know and all employees know what they are required to do.

You have a succession plan and insurance in place for your personnel and for yourself.

You know the production readiness of personnel.


4. Your production of sales and new products or suppliers runs without you:

You have a plan for new products to your market for more share of the wallet.

Your standards and quality systems are in place.

Procedures, processes and systems to repeat and grow the business exist and are known.

Diaries are used in the planning process and work is organised  in a known way.


5. Finance, cash and ratio’s:

Procedures and monthly dials are known.

Cash flow forecasts are accurate and exist.

Zero based budgets are in place and made every month.

Balanced scorecard are known and implemented in operations every month.

Ownership structures are optimised and fit. (Curator BHI)


6. Value of your business, aligned with your requirements:

Your business is creating cash now for you and your family.

Your business fits your requirements now.

Your business created the wealth you expected.

Your employees knows Good to Great principles


7. Opportunities next to your business for growth:

You are fully using the opportunities next to your business.

South African opportunities exist for your business.

Africa opportunities exists.

International opportunities exists.


8. South Africa specific business opportunities:

Issues with BEE are addressed and the plan is being implemented.

International wealth plans are in place and you have choices.

Future of the family business is planned beyond South Africa.

You are BEE looking to contribute and get engaged.