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Angel investors

The different aspects to consider

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1 Concept to money

1.1 Large market and access

1.2 Technology and learning curve

1.3 Resources and pay or attract

1.4 Partners and pay or attract

1.5 Derived partners and clients

1.6 Business experience in negotiation and contracting

1.7 Non disclosures and the value thereof

See document: non-disclosure-agreements.htm

2 Questions in each category

2.1 Who reduce risks and will pay for access or benefit?

2.2 Who wants technology and do not compete directly?

2.3 Who wants access, can pay and do not compete?

2.4 What else can be done next to the concept?

2.5 Risks of projects awareness

See document: Risks-of-Business.htm

2.6 List all players in each category. Use experts and the web for expanded insights

3. Share of wallet

3.1 People who serve clients and can grow from the concept?

3.2 People who have technology and grow from more clients the concept can bring?

3.3 People who have the resources and grow from the concept?

4. Concept attracts and partners

= Clear contracting drives success.

4.1 Partner each required area for a clear percentage as in the HAVE model.

See document: High-Added-Value-Exchanged.htm

4.2 The "Board game" story told by Unre and Harvard Business School OPM case study.

4.3 Partner as in share of wallet

5 Angel investors

= Assist growth and go away.

5.1 Expertise in more than one area to ensure success and protection

5.2 Repeat processes and experiences in maturity

5.3 Off course MONEY!

5.4 HBD from Shuttleworth

See document: default.php

6. Venture funds

= Clear growth towards exit

6.1 One step away from total exit

6.2 They run the company from management contracts

6.3 Clear IRR and growth with clear competencies


See document:

7. FFF spin-outs or spin-offs

7.1 Money from Family, Friends and Fools should only be taken when you know the markets, technology, team members

7.2 Expertise, market access and business skills are as important as the concept.

8. What do you specifically put in and want out?

8.1 Money and when?

8.2 What can you put in and when?

8.3 Which roles do you want to play?

8.4 What does it look like when it worked for you?

8.5 What will the project do for you?

8.6 What type of colleagues and partners are keen to work with?

8.7 Processes to know, identify and access resources to move from where you are to the next steps