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Transforming emotion into action

Being Transformative

Use this tool to engage the world of production and enjoy your work more and more everyday!

  • Transform from where I am to what I require. Increase my engagement with other individuals and institutions, with greater access to resources and more effective production.

  • I want to grow, accelerate and engage by continuous transformation from what is to what can be.

  • I want to grow my choices.

Here is what I do:

Step one:       Acknowledge the trigger of opportunity, excitement, intrigue (or even frustration). Apply and align your talents & passions with the right actions, always engage anywhere anytime with any individual who has access to the identified required resources.

Step two:       Use the Explore Loop to discover alternative solutions to the challenge, find what drives you, find what will enable you and identify your priorities.

Step three:    Identify and do the next best action.

With great thanks to:

Ken Wilbur and his “Four Quadrants” model, as well as Spiral Dynamics

Gernia van Niekerk and her version of Spiral Dynamics

Clem Sumter – Scenario and Strategy

For what we learned from them.

We also learned from the following processes and models:

  • The Jo hari-window

  • Questioning Skills

  • Whole Communication

  • The Issue is