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About Alephsynergy

Who we are and what we believe

Where would you like to go?

Vission, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Plans

The Rules we strive to live by

Why we exist


Vission, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Plans


Establish an Aleph Hub in every major city across the globe. Build clean, open, "positive toward life, living and other people" web communities on personal development, enabling people to discover and live their full potential as human beings. Be this in your career, your business or your personal life.


Expert knowledge will be packaged in such a manner as to build and develop the careers, businesses and personal lives of all who apply our it. We will also manage the complete back-office of the experts we work with.


  • Actively serve and be of value to 10 000 people with packaged expert knowledge

  • Build ten websites with a traffic stream of 1000 per day per website

  • With the experts build multiple streams of income to the value of $30 000 p/m

  • Implementing the next phase in the different projects we are involved with

  • Build 3 specialist websites of companies, institutions and organizations that overlaps with our areas of passion


  • Become leaders in the field of thought pattern engineering on the web

  • Expand our current international network to include more experts within our different areas of service

  • Through and with the Local Global project turn Alephsynergy into an information "house brand", starting in South Africa and building globally


  • Develop a web marketing strategy to build return visitors

  • Complete and sell 10 copies of a information product

  • Complete 1 online community within a specific field of expertise

  • Complete 1 specialist website

  • Manage part of and later the complete backoffice of one expert

Rules we strive to live by

Obey the rules, if they need to be changed, work to change them through being productive.

Enjoy the freedom that clear and agreed to rules bring about, clear rules enables the individual and the team to be productive, produce results and reach goals.

“Good fences make good neighbors”- as we learned from Hewlett Packard, Rupert International, and from building many businesses since.

  1. Your STORRGIES sustained and developed will always see you invited into projects that match your unique talents, passions and requirements for personal growth.
    (STORRGIES - Skills, Talents, Opportunities, Relationships, Resources, Gifts, Intelligence's, Experiences, Sustained & Spiral upward).

  2. We work in projects with beginning, middle and end stages to maximize production and minimize complexity.
    (We work in the Nodal System where you contribute more of what you have to receive more to contribute more.)

  3. Engage with and gain wisdom from the elders of the society you are part of. Learn from the STORRGIES of all those you share your time with, while you contribute of your STORRGIES to many others.

  4. Grow from differences, disappointments and other conflicts by engaging external experts who then listen and resolve the conflict through the:

    1. Elder

    2. Reasonable man

    3. Spirit of Intervention

  5. Communicate and be personally organized, each individual in the team develops into a multiplier node.

  6. All earnings in the Aleph team of experts should be paid out to the different roles in the different projects. Aleph does not have shareholders.

  7. Rights of passage to become an Aleph experts or work with the Ebio program.

  8. We create personal sites for those that go through our different processes, the purpose of these personal sites is getting you more productive.

  9. Softly add personal achievements and only if they add to what is being said. If the story or the person does not add to the project then do not include either. Ego does not add. We cannot afford to be heroes.

  10. Know the rules, obey the rules and by all means work to change them. Unre Visagie brought these insights back from America when he worked with and was trained by Hewlett Packard.

Plus Quarantine
Quarantine described: You are in a phase of new discovery or an area of implementing new ideas which does not necessarily fit with the team and company dynamic and direction. Such an individual will not be part of most projects and a agreed boundary of engagement will be in place. Such an individual will receive plenty of assistance and input while in this uncertain area.

Reference Section

[1]The Elder of society intervenes when disputes become difficult to resolve and requires wise and external input. We apply the concept of the wise elder as mentioned in the Bible. The elder has a duty to intervene when process loss occurs or is observed. Should you not pay attention to the advice and apply the input of the first elder, the assistance of two more elders will be requested.

[2]The Reasonable man of law is an external advisor within a certain expert area. Often one receives this advice from respected business people who are experienced and versed in the issue at hand and is of standing.

[3]The Spirit of Intervention tasks a person who will observe a difficult situation and must act to resolve the challenge. The concept is from old tribal societies and has the combined roles of the elder and the reasonable external uninvolved individual.

Why did we come to exist?

The reason for our existence is a very simple one. We exist because we want to see individuals within their communities thrive!

We believe that every person has a innate knowing of the map their personal, very unique, journey is written on and in the beautiful strength within each individual to achieve their goals and dreams.

We work with experts on the different arenas of human development. We package their knowledge and make that knowledge freely available on the internet in the form of implement able processes.

Alephsynergy earns its money, with and for the experts we package, from our web sites through selling certain chunks of in-depth knowledge and implementation processes. We also use web tools to earn money, for example Google AdSense and some carefully selected affiliate programs.

Our community co-operative project - Local Global - aim to bring the rich knowledge and resources contained within a community together for all to learn and grow within that community. Alephsynergy package this community knowledge onto the web and create a easy interface for interaction to happen in communities.