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Getting Things Done with Outlook workshop

We currently run this workshop only in South Africa.

For more information on the next workshop, please contact us!

Too much to handle and not enough time to get it all done?




What is it?


In short, it is HIGH PERFORMANCE WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT using Microsoft Outlook.


“Getting Things Done with Outlook” is a workshop that helps you, the individual; to fine-tune the way you work with Outlook to improve your performance and productivity on an every day basis.


The world of work has changed dramatically over the past four or five decades. The multitude of ideas, opportunities and possibilities seem only to add to the stresses of a day-to-day work/life experience.

Today’s jobs are more ambiguous and open-ended and people, by and large, have to define their own work.


It is possible for a person to have an overwhelming number of things to do and still function productively with a clear head and a positive sense of relaxed control. It is a great way to live and work, at elevated levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

It is also a critical operational style required of successful and high-performing professionals.


Methods of “Getting Things Done”


All the methods of “Getting Things Done” are based on two key objectives:

  • Capturing all the things that need to be done into a logical and trusted system outside of your head and off your mind
  • Disciplining yourself to make front-end decisions about all of the “inputs” you let into your life so that you will always have a plan for “next actions” that you can implement or renegotiate at any moment.


(Above is a summary of Chapter 1 of the book Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen.)


“Getting Things Done with Outlook” facilitator


When you get Gerrit Cloete to facilitate this process, you get the added value and benefit of someone who has:


  • Been trained and coached in the USA by The David Allen Company in high performance workflow management. He is associated with David Allen, who has been named as one of the world’s leading thinkers on personal productivity
  • Experienced the core of project management, product development as well as production and strategic planning over a 13 year period in a corporate environment.
  • Assisted individuals on a personal and managerial level in creating meaningful goals and developing positive mental attitudes towards themselves and all areas of their lives. He did this as a trained facilitator of Success Motivation International.
  • Facilitated public and in-house corporate workshops while being part of the South African company representing the Franklin Covey Company. These workshops include The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People; The 4 Roles of Leadership, First Things First. For this he went to the USA to become a certified facilitator, trained by senior members of Franklin Covey
  • Experience in assisting individuals in discovering their unique patterns in high performance and productivity (in association with Dr Jerry L Fletcher from High Performance Dynamics, a USA based consultancy )
  • Facilitated a RAMMPP workshop at Black Mountain, a mine of the Anglo Group. The outcome of RAMMPP was the number of meetings held in the company was slashed by one third.
  • Facilitated the well known “GE Work-Out” process for PPECB (Perishable Products Export Control Board), resulting in 5 implementation projects by which cost will be significantly reduced and greater consistency achieved in processes.
  • Developed the ability to exercise patience and achieve clarity rather than rushing in simply to get the job done.