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The rules

These rules set us free to be

The ebio enterprising and entrepreneurial way of life and rules let, you live productively anywhere all the time.

Actions from pro-active segmented and structured thinking leads to predictable outcomes with high returns on effort. Entrepreneurial careers and businesses are developed. Bring your talents and apply it in enterprising and entrepreneurial value added and learning activities.

  1. How do you implement the high-income career and business? (The entrepreneurial Prayer or behavior for career and business growers.)

Close your hands and let the processes open your hands to work and work together for mutual production in value exchanged activities or projects.

    1. Open the thumb of each hand upwards and thank you God for more than what we can use in one lifetime. We have air, sunshine, people, talents and much to do. We can be productive and have fun everyday. Make lists and be amazed like we all are every day. Read more about the power of segmentation and thank you.
    2. Open the index finger and say thank you to the people around and in front of you. They bring opportunities, resources, colleagues and so much more. Without them what would we do? We also thank all our leaders and assist them in activities for the community growth.
    3. Open the middle finger and ask what we can do together. Be creative and think out of the box. You will be amazed what is available. If nothing then we see down the road to check again for common items.
    4. Open the ring finger and ask what we learn when we do one or two of the long list of possible actions. Else, choose another item. Add to the activities and projects as you go. If no lessons and growth, we may see down the road again.
    5. Open the little finger and ask yourself and others where we together obtain resources we could not get separately. What is the return in investment for each one?  

Now with both hands open we can work together. Now we have a potential project to execute for mutual growth.
We are part of our arms or family and communities.
Our communities are part of the larger tribes, nations and global human race.
Of interest and fun read more about fingers click
Learn about the peoples and the world we live in to contribute more. You can do more and thus earn more when you know more. Simply get to know more in chosen projects with your family and community. Access near communities for more value exchanged and more resources.

  1. DO activities or projects with rules to apply for profit anywhere all the time. We agree to add value to others all the time. Do no evil as they say in Google!
    1. Saying thank you and adding value to others, is always accessible and never require permission. The power of thank you opens doors and takes you to where you choose to be.
    2. Ebio rules supported by the Walk and Talk the Enterprise Graphics processes.
      1. The rules remind us about the profit and freedom from living by agreed rules in projects. We continuously grow and clarify our application of the rules from practice.
      2. We align our talents with what we do in projects with and for others. We delegate with responsibility and accountability so we all grow and do more of what we enjoy.
      3. We work in activities and projects defined for the outcomes and expectations agreed.
      4. We grow from differences by external clarification and utilizing our wise elders, reasonable people and the spirit of intervention.
      5. We share knowledge freely and gain financially from effort in value added projects.
    1. Short List of Simple “growth in and from every situation” Rules found on the web.
      1. Teach and learn in every interaction.
      2. Reinforce strengths of self and others.
      3. Search for the true and the useful.
      4. Apply emerging learning in reflective practice.
      5. Make expectations explicit.
      6. Give and get value for value.
      7. Attend to the whole, the part, and the greater whole.
      8. Engage in joyful practice. 

      We borrowed the above from the following site.

  1. Outcomes and incidental effects achieved as part of the enterprising processes.
    1. The projects done with the rules, Walk and Talk book with the Enterprise Graphic models generate competencies.
      1. Communication competencies
      2. Organization competencies
      3. Mobilization competencies
      4. Thinking competencies
      5. Project and planning competencies
      6. Success families share with new success families and enrich each other.
  1. Simple contracts to protect you open way of living.
    1. Processes to segment and always find the overlaps
      1. Capacity circles or Venn diagrams
      2. Innovation in new value and the HAVE models
      3. Share of yourself to attract more projects and resources of your choice
      4. Service level agreements to work in and amongst many diverse cultures
      5. Project charters to find agreement and enforcements of outcomes
      6. Non-disclosures and non-circumvent to enable business with more people at the same time.
    1. Lists of business streams for any community anywhere provided you inform the leaders and growth them with you. Cradle to legacy support of wonderful people living in increasing harmonies.
    2. Lists of resources anywhere in the new world of production and free knowledge.
  1. Thank from within self, family and communities.
    1. Choice about what and why you want where.
    2. Attract resources and communicate
    3. Clarify about self and communicate
    4. Gain feedback and expand work space opportunities
    5. Grow virtual production space
    6. Engage projects and grow competencies