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RPL - Recognized Prior Learning

Internationally Recognized Prior Learning

Welcome to the RPL - Recognized Prior Learning - page!

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We in South Africa thank Canada, Australia and UK for the RPL processes.

The unit standards / credits and competencies are based on Australian, Canadian and UK education quality assurance sites. We have adapted these maps for SAQA in South Africa and plan to adapt them for India and China.

Our maps are based on international standards.

SA is a bigger challenge with our multi cultural environment and the high GINI factor. (Unre speech and the GINI factor). The packaged experiences comes from California form the technology companies we have been involved with for 30 years and more knowledge and experience gained from Harvard, packaged into companies we have started in SA and we now distribute our knowledge worldwide.

Recognized prior learning can be applied in many ways. Be it to identify which credits / skills one acquired through prior learning or exposure in a profession and recognized for these competencies before starting an academic course; or to map the skills one requires to achieve certain career goals. At Aleph we recognize the great possibilities of RPL and wish to thank the countries who first implemented and developed RPL – Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Aleph is adapting the process of RPL to fit with career and business growth, first for our global audience and also for the challenges of a South African and African environment.

How we implement RPL with you

Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
The Portfolio of Evidence is a valuable tool, because it organizes your work experience and knowledge gathering process, ensuring balanced career competencies. Individuals can earn a Portfolio by proving their results in experiences and competencies; and by utilizing experts in their workplace. Learning Institutions like UNISA and Centurion Academy may acknowledge proof of your competencies and experience (organized in a portfolio of evidence) for up to 70% of a qualification. They will then assess this portfolio through Recognition of Prior Learning. Each institution has their own processes and fees per credit in a unit standard. Read all about it on

We assist people in creating their portfolios through the use op a map on Excel spreadsheets. We use the map as a guideline to organize an individual’s work content, which leads to experiences that will create skills and competencies matched to the Unit standards and credits specified in SAQA’s New Venture Creation program. By implementing the map and Portfolio of Evidence we can keep track of these experiences leading to competencies. The maps can also be customized to suit individual situations and implemented for any individual, company or organization. Please enquire about our service in customized maps.

The new venture creation program is a generalist business and career management course covering experiences and competencies required by most of us in the workplace. This course mix components normally found in different Departments and includes necessary knowledge like communication and computer literacy. Therefore the New Venture Creation qualification fit the Program Qualification Mix (PQM) in Learning Institutions. Individuals can choose to approach different departments of CA and UNISA to be assessed and to receive Recognized Prior Learning, based upon their organized and presented Portfolio of Evidence, at an agreed cost per credit. However, a qualification from any education institution will require further academic experiences as well as the valuable exam writing learning curve to ensure quality control.

“We make the gathering of your dynamic workplace Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) practical for organized career competencies from the projects or work you get involved with.”

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