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Potch notes

The speech Unre Visagie made at Potch

Feedback from Prof. Kroon, the speech is below the feedback section:

In education people must make things clear and simple to conclude a degree, you will have to do the same to conclude projects in real life. Use the process of "explore and discover" then select from the options you have identified then apply and implement what you found.

With the width and depth of information available to you the skill to assimilate to the right information for you from a huge reservoir of information is a core skill toward thriving. There is no information overload, there is only an inability to process the above.

To grow, you must combine clear and simple projects with the discover and explore process. A too "Clear and simple" attitude, robs you of your choices and experiences; thus your income growth. (Unre Visagie)

Prof Kroon mentioned he would like to see more on the following included, not specifically in this speech, but in the future and in general. Following is the list:

  • Value exchange
  • Ability to mobilize
  • Communicate
  • Organize
  • Owner family competencies
  • Continent divide - those who KNOW and those who DONT KNOW

Most of the above is covered in our publications, but they are a bit all over the place. We use our internal search engine, Igoebio, to find these rampant publications.

Just have a quick look at our search site before we continue:

As you can see at the top is a normal Google search, when you use this search box you will get exactly the same search results as you would get when doing a search from Just below the Google search is our internal Igoebio search. This search engine searches within all the sites we built and maintain, it will search through all our publications on main sites, info sites and personal sites. Have a look at a list of our sites here. Now for the topics listed at the top of this page. Do a search on the term “Value Exchange” using Igoebio:

Go to Igoebio

Igoebio will return all the documents within our pool of websites containing the term "value exchange". Remember the search is case sensitive, always do your searches in lower case. If you find a dead link, a page that was listed but does not exist any more, we would really appreciate an email with the dead link and what you were looking for. The same applies for the other searches in the list provided by Prof Kroon. In the future we will start grouping and consolidating information that is requested on a regular basis.

What Unre Visagie said on the day:

From my history what did I do, learn and now attract. Read more about me …..

What I did and what happened is history. We cannot change that at all. We can only learn from the experiences. They say that fools never learn, the clever learn from their own mistakes and the wise learn from the actions and results of others.

Learning is the difference between those not making it, those who survive and those who thrive. Read about successful families and their competencies. We all have enough competencies to get started. Read about enterprise living ……

Which level would you choose? Yes, we all have a choice.

Access to resources with a plan, with expert guides, would give you what you require every time. Read more about choices …..

What would I do if I had a choice to go back and know what I know now?

Use every piece of knowledge, experience and relationship. Off course, it would include what I learn from you, the students, at Potch today.

I would take more action to grow knowledge and experiences. HP, IST, BSW, Inala and now Next S. I would contribute to and grow relationships with access to resources. My communications interface was lacking. Grow whole communication competencies …. I would manage, mobilize and organize my competencies and actions to access opportunities.

I would mobilize and organize what I have to grow in awareness of myself and what I want; using the Internet and thanking people around me. I would call this a campaign or PLAN.

I would publish and make visible the PLAN! Read about personal web sites                                                                                 I would then be investing with the belief, hope and faith that I can make the plan work with my chosen resources in value exchanged contracts. I drive the execution of the plan with my chosen resources! (I will allow no victims and no pathologies. No they them, always, again, why me, etc.)

Now for my plan:

I can then manage the investment curves for the rest of my life.

Have a look at the Next S power point slides shown. See the next S s-curve investment slide. Now I wish I was young as you are and know all of this.

You now do know and have choices.  It simply takes practice with experts to observe and repeat. That is how artists learn. Any career and business is simply a different form of art. Read more on the ebio processes ….

The work prayer says thank you God for more than we can use in this lifetime. Thank you for being unique and special. What we can do, learn and resources we can attract. The hands can now work as part of family and common interest groups. Our groups and we are part of communities and serve people the world over.