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Black Empowerment newsletter

EmpowermentSA is a monthly electronic electronic journal that aims to promote black economic empowerment (BEE) through showcasing BEE companies, initiatives an achievement, and facilitating preferential procurement and empowerment linkages. To subscribe to the DTI (SA Department of Trade and Industry) click on the EmpowermentSA logo on this page.

Centurion Net

Useful links and information concerning Centurion City South Africa.


Use to find and clarify your identified words for your Curriculum Vitae and understanding the english language better.


Become Locally & Globally engaged.

Financial and business training

Free world Academy is an international and educational think tank committed to building freedom around the world. We aim to convert innovative concepts into individual initiatives to initiating change and progress.

Getting Things Done

The smart way to work and live

Getting Things done with Outlook

You will discover remarkable secrets of how Microsoft® Outlook® can increase your ability to stay in control and organised with startling simplicity and get instant results.

Marketing Glossary

Glossary of marketing companies and resources on the WWW.

Nexts business development (Pty) ltd

NextS Business development meets you where you are, assists you in growing and managing your wealth.


Boosting entrepreneurial creativity and systemic innovation. provides free tips on writing your CV / resume, finding a job, handling interviews, plus careers advice and a professional CV writing service provided by Bradley CV's (who founded

The Innovation hub

Through partnership, through progress, The Innovation Hub will strive to attract local and foreign investment to the region, while fostering a spirit of learning, entrepreneurship, and global competitiveness through the power of Science and Technology.

Zig Ziglar training

Our mission is to maximize productivity for our customers by training skills, attitude and behavior designed specifically to improve people, performance and profitability.

Unre Visagie

This site will help you to understand and engage Unre Visagie in enterprise activities. What drives me? Where am I going? What is my work about? What can we do together? What is the legacy I am leaving?

Nicholas Grobler

My focus is on how to create and write content for the internet. I enjoy the concept of BLOGs and would love to understand the concept better.

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