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Turn your knowledge into e-commerce

We package between three and five experts per year.

Currently we are fully booked and will work with new experts within the next three to four months.

What does Aleph do for the experts we package?

  • To experts, time is a luxury.

  • Aleph assist in packaging the experts existing working industry knowledge for a global web audience and turn their knowledge into multiple streams of income.

  • We work with our expert and sell their knowledge to a global audience via the web.

  • Industry experts have an established audience, we work with our experts and add more value to their current audience without creating more work for the expert. Then we focus on adding to this audience globally.

  • Implement our "Integrated communicator" process for the expert. This process enables our experts to inform their audience with the right information, always. We use the web to achieve this.

  • Completely or partially manage the back office for our experts.

Aleph is passionate about developing the individual and their environment. We focus on career and business development. Any expert with working intellectual property concerned with the above mentioned should please contact us:

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