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Using these processes you become productive, build your community economy and turn knowledge & expertise into multiple streams of income

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Aleph is about expert knowledge. We package and grow intellectual property for business and career environments. This knowledge packaged into implement able processes; building thriving businesses and goal achieving careers. We serve the people on the internet, a market size of 600 000 000 people and growing.

We are part of the following group:

NextS – Invests in technology to reach and support people

Alephsynergy – Work with and invest in IP to grow people and the economy

Ebio – Implements the technology from Next S and processes from Aleph

The Ebio production pipe

LocalGlobal - A global community of website to serve local communities

I am looking for a lot of people who have infinite capacity to not know what can't be done.

Henry Ford

Latest publication:

The Investment Curve also known as the S-Curve.

Some interesting news:

We went to Potchefstroom to visit with Prof. Kroon and Unre shared our processes. We came back much the wiser!

Thanks Potch!

Alephsynergy package the knowledge you require to take the right action and implement applicable processes, you mobilize and gain access to existing business and career opportunities. Apply to become an agent in our ebio program and take these processes home to your potential clients. A list of all the people involved with the Ebio program, as well as all our current websites can be found here.

The rules we apply in Aleph projects, these rules set us free to do, to discover and to add amazing value and to work.

Our goal, to put talent and resources together and be a catalyst for new production. The knowledge, training and expert background on the ever expanding Alephsynergy website is an investment of almost $50 000 in you.

We believe in the principle of high touch with high tech and not the other way round, people learn from people.

We package the knowledge of individuals who have established themselves as experts in their field. These experts have amazing value to add to a global audience, but do not have the time to package their knowledge for this global audience. Aleph walks a road with these experts and turn their knowledge into a value add to their global audience; we reap the commercial benefits with the expert by managing the back office of the web site and possibly the complete back office of the expert.

If you are such an expert and fit the Aleph profile, please contact us. We may want to turn your knowledge into multiple streams of income with and for you.

Alephsynergy is in the process of establishing international hubs of expert packaging and community development. If you are a innovative individual with the right resources and love to see individuals in their communities thrive, we would love to hear from you. Read more on Aleph Hubs here.

Map your career using the Ebio Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) and the Ebio Competency Acquisition maps. The outcome of these portfolios and maps is known as Recognized Prior Learning (RPL).

Areas of productivity within which we package knowledge

Processes on starting, building and running a successful company.

A thriving career is very much the same as a successful business.

The first of two core competencies for success in business and careers.

The second of two core competencies for a thriving business and a career going places.

We develop websites that fit with Aleph requirements.

If you are an expert with working knowledge to package, please contact us.

If you are a company within the ICT sector with a turnover of more than 2 million dollars p/a, we would love to hear from you!

Aleph is also involved with certain community development projects. Please contact us if you believe an overlap exists.